13 Englische Textbausteine für Termine: Von der Einladung zur Bestätigung

Sie suchen englische Textbausteine für Ihre Korrespondenz mit ausländischen Geschäftspartnern?

Hier sind die wichtigsten Formulierungen für englische Geschäftsbriefe rund um die Terminvereinbarung!

Englische Textbausteine: So formulieren Sie die Einladung an englischsprachige Kunden

1. It gives us great pleasure to invite you to be our guest at the 20th anniversary of (company).

2. I understand that you will be in Friedrichshafen for the BOOT this year. If you have the time, would you like to take the opportunity to come visit us?

3. We would like to suggest a meeting at our office in Frankfurt on (date) at (time). Please let us know if this date is convenient for you.

Englische Textbausteine: Terminverschiebung

4. I am writing with reference to the meeting we had planned for (date). Unfortunately, something very urgent has come up, and I am afraid I will have to postpone our appointment to a later date. I am very sorry!

5. I am sorry, but I won’t be able to make our meeting on Tuesday, because (reason). Could we possibly bring the meeting forward and meet a day earlier, on Monday, the same time?

6. I had registered for your seminar this Friday. Unfortunately a colleague of mine has come down with flu and I will have to replace him in the office until the end of next week and will not be able to attend your seminar on Friday. While I know that there’s only a slim chance, would it be possible for me to exchange places with a participant scheduled for a later seminar?

Englische Textbausteine: Absagen

7. I am writing in regard to the upcoming convention on (topic). Unfortunately due to time pressure resulting from a major contract deadline, I will not be able to attend the convention. I am very sorry not to be able to participate in this year’s conference.

8. I had been looking forward to meeting you soon. However I will not be able to make it on (date) due to a prior commitment.

9. Thank you ever so much for your invitation to the (event). I am afraid that unfortunately I won’t be able to make it, as I will be out of town that day.

Englische Textbausteine: Zusage/Bestätigung

10. Mr Brown would be glad to come to London for the kick-off meeting on (date).

11. His plane arrives at (time). Would you be so kind as to arrange for someone to pick him up at the airport? He is looking forward to the meeting.

12. I would like to confirm the meeting on (date) at (time), which is convenient for all the participants in question. Be sure to let me know the exact time of Mr Browns arrival so I can have someone pick him up at the station. We are all looking forward to meeting him again.

13. Thank you for your kind invitation. I will be delighted to attend.