So schreiben Sie eine Mahnung auf Englisch

“Zahlungserinnerung” oder “Mahnung” heißt auf Englisch “reminder”. Folgendes Muster hilft Ihnen, eine Mahnung auf Englisch zu schreiben:

  • Anrede: “Dear Mr … “
  • Betreff: “Reminder Account Number 67584”
  • Einleitung: “According to our records, our invoice no. 67584 of 26 May has not been settled. The enclosed copy shows an outstanding balance of EUR 5,055.”
  • Mittelteil: “Perhaps this delay in payment is simply due to an oversight on your part. In that case, we would kindly ask you to remit the amount in question in the next few days. If, however, there should be reasons for non-payment, we would urgently ask you to contact us. Should there be a problem, perhaps we can find a solution together.”
  • Schluss: “You will surely understand that we wish to ensure that the amount due is paid without further delay. We look forward to your prompt reply. Yours sincerely …”