Sie finden in Ihren Unterlagen den Brief eines Geschäftspartners oder eines Kunden, den Sie eigentlich schon längst hätten beantworten müssen. Ein…

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How to refuse to grant a customer a credit account



Kunden abzulehnen, weil sie nicht kreditwürdig sind, ist aus mehreren
Gründen unschön. Wie Sie solche Situationen am besten lösen, erfahren
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Secretary Today reader Hilde S. wrote in with this problem. A customer asked her company to supply goods on credit. She did a credit check and found that the customer is not credit-worthy. How should she turn them down? She wanted to know what to write. This is my advice and my sample letter.
1 Be formal.

You do not want to do business with the customer right now so you
won't want to get too close.
2 Give only those details that you have to.

Tell the customer the reason for being turned down and suggest they
check that the information is actually correct.

3 Suggest an alternative.

You can’t offer a credit account, but you can offer to supply your services
on a cash on delivery or a payment in advance basis. Let the customer
know this.
4 Offer to review the situation.

Even though you can’t open an account for your customer right now you may want to offer him or her your business at a later time.
Dear Ms Failsworth
Application for a Credit Account
Thank you for applying for a credit account with our company.
Before we set up a credit account with any customer, it is our policy to undertake the usual commercial checks of credit rating. We did, of course, carry these out in your case. Unfortunately, based on the report from our credit reporting agency, we are unable to extend credit to you at this time. This may be due to a number of reasons. For instance, you may not have applied for a credit account with anyone else previously.
If you feel that there may be some errors in the credit reporting agency’s records, we suggest that you contact them and review their current information. In the event that there have been errors made, please direct them to submit a revised report to us for our reconsideration.
In the circumstances, however, I am unable to set up a credit account in your name at this time. We shall always, of course, be pleased to supply services on cash on delivery or cash with order basis.
If you do place such orders with us, I will review your application for a credit account in six months’ time.
Yours sincerely

to grant: gewähren / bewilligen
to turn sb. down: jmdm. absagen / eine Abfuhr erteilen
cash on delivery: Zahlung bei Lieferung
payment in advance: Zahlung im Voraus
to submit: einreichen
cash with order: Zahlung bei Auftragserteilung
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